Oratorio-Lecture Special Retreat by Swami Atmavidyananda

(Vedanta Society of Southern California)

Date: May 29-30, 2015
Venue: Vedanta Center of Greater Austin

Swami Atmavidyananda is a senior monk of the Ramakrishna Order. Currently he is the treasurer and general office manager of the Vedanta Society of Southern California, as well as the Society’s organist and choir director. The Swami is a prolific composer, having written two operas, two oratorios, numerous choral works, and over 20 instrumental works, including one symphony. He gives talks at Vedanta centers, academic institutions, and church groups, and also conducts classes and religious seminars in the US and abroad. He has been president of the University Religious Conference at UCLA is currently serving as the campus minister for Hinduism at USC.


May 29: Oratorio Program: "Vivekananda's Teachings in Song"

May 30: Lecture on “Shankara's Apparitional Universe and Modern Physics”

Swami Atmavidyananda's Visit