Retreat on "The Mission of Vedanta" by Swami Vedananda

(Vedanta Society of Northern California)

Date: August 21-22, 2015
Venue: Vedanta Center of Greater Austin

Swami Vedananda is a senior monk of the Vedanta Society of Northern California. He joined the Ramakrishna Order of India in 1970, prior to which he had been trained as an experimental physicist. The Swami is well known and respected for his contributions to inter faith dialogues. He has also been actively involved in guiding students of Vedanta philosophy and religion, and for the past several years has been leading a discussion group at Stanford University for the study of Vedanta and the Sanskrit language.


August 21: Lecture: "Katha Upanishad: From Death to Immortality"

August 22: Lectures on "Bhagavad Gita: The Way to the Supreme Self" and "Swami Vivekananda: From Karma to Karma Yoga"

Swami Vedananda's Visit