Vedanta Center

The Vedanta Center is a community for spiritual aspirants. Its mission is to provide a conducive environment for seekers of self fulfillment following Vedanta philosophy. Drawing inspiration from the practical and modern interpretation of Vedanta by Swami Vivekananda, the Center considers service of humanity and active participation in addressing social issues such as healthcare, education and natural disaster relief to be integral parts of its mission. We provide opportunities for seekers to pursue spiritual growth through prayer, meditation, worship, service activities, study of spiritual and philosophical literature and gaining exposure to practical Vedanta from monks and nuns associated with the Ramakrishna movement as well as others.

  Upcoming Events 


Visit of Swami Yogatmanandaji Maharaj , Minister in- Charge, Vedanta Society of Providence

Feb 17-18, 2024: Two-Day Retreat on "Kathopanishad"  

 Saturday, Feb 17, 2024 & Sunday, Feb 18, 2024 (same schedule)


       10.00 AM-11.00 AM: Lecture

          11.00 AM-11.30 AM: Coffee Break

          11.30 AM-12.30 PM: Lecture

     12.30 PM-1.30 PM: Lunch Break

    1.30 PM-2.30 PM: Lecture

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Visit of Swami Kirtipradanandaji Maharaj, Resident Minister, Vedanta Society of Greater Houston

Feb 23, 2024: Arati and Satsang

Feb 24: Gita class

March 22, 2024: Arati and Satsang

March 23: Thakur Birth Anniversary puja

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Visit of Swami Medhanandaji Maharaj, Minister, Vedanta Society of Southern California

March 29, 2024: satsang

March 30: Lecture and signing  of his books:

Title: (i) Infinite Paths to Infinite Reality

 (ii) Swami Vivekananda’s Vedantic Cosmopolitanism

[Await details]

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13508 Broadmeade Ave, Austin, TX 78729


Please do not park on the street. Park your car in the Center driveway  or behind the Center in the Forest North Elementary School parking lot.


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The Center is open for in-person events