Study circle Opening Chant / Songs

1. Pronam mantra-Om Niranjanam Nityam.mp3

Pranam mantra

Niranjanam Nityam anantarupam,
Bhaktânukampâ dhritavigraham vai;
Ishâvatâram Paramesham Idyam,
TamRâmakrishnam Shirashâ Namâmah.

Salutations to Bhagavân Sri Râmakrishna,
The perfect Embodiment of the Eternal Truth
Which manifests Itself in various forms to help
Mankind, and the Incarnation of the Supreme
Lord who is worshipped by all.

2. 10min_om_meditation_with_announcement.mp3

Om meditation 

3. Sri Ramakrishna Sharanam Song.mp3

Ramakrishna Sharanam

(Prabhu) (Ramakrishna sharanam) × 3 sharanye
O Ramakrishna, I seek refuge in You!

1. (Guru) (Kripahi kevalam) × 3 sharanye
Your grace alone is everything

2. (Sharanagatoham) × 3 sharanye
I have surrendered myself to Thee!

3. (Namah shri gurave) × 3 namo namah
Salutations to the Guru!

4. (Ramakrishna, Ramakrishna,jaya jaya Ramakrishna) × 4
Hail unto Sri Ramakrishna!

4. Taba Kathamritam.mp3

Tava Kathamritam

tava kathāmṛtaṁ tapta-jīvanaṁ
kavibhir īḍitaṁ kalmaṣāpaham
śravaṇa-maṅgalaṁ śrīmad ātataṁ
bhuvi gṛṇanti ye bhūri-dā janāḥ

The nectar of Your words and the descriptions of Your activities are the life and soul of those suffering in this material world.
These narrations, transmitted by learned sages, eradicate one's sinful reactions and bestow good fortune upon whoever hears them.
These narrations are broadcast all over the world and are filled with spiritual power.
Certainly those who spread the message of Godhead are most munificent.

5. Sri Ramakrishna Arathi (with lyrics Meaning) Written by Swami Vivekananda.mp4


Khandana-bhava-bandhana, jaga-vandana, vandi tomay,
Niranjana nara-rupa-dhara (repeat) nirguna gunamay,

We adore you, O breaker of the bondage of the world, worshipped by all humankind! You are stainless, yet have taken a human form. You are beyond all attributes, yet are the embodiment of all virtues.

Mochana-agha-dushana, jaga-bhushana, chid-ghana kay,
Jnan-anjana vimala-nayana (repeat) vikshane moha-jai.

O purifier of all defects! O gem of the world! O embodiment of pure consciousness! Your stainless eyes, sanctified by the collyrium of knowledge, remove our ignorance at a mere glance.

Bhasvara bhava sagara, chira-unmada, prema-pathar,
Bhaktarjana yugala-charana (repeat) tarana bhava-par.

You are verily a sea of light and divine moods, ever filled with the waves of inebriating love. Your holy feet, attained through devotion, are the raft that carries us across the ocean of this world.

Jrimbhita yuga ishvara, jagad-ishvara, yoga-sahay,
Niro-dhana samahita-mana, (repeat) nirakhi tava-kripay.

You are the Lord of the universe, the manifest incarnation of the age and our guide along the path of yoga. We have realized this truth through your grace, you whose mind is established in samadhi.

Bhan-jana dukha-ganjana, karuna-ghana. karma-kathor,
Pranarpana jagata-tarana, (repeat) krintana-kali-dor.

O destroyer of the mass of suffering! O embodiment of compassion! O tremendous performer of deeds! You have sacrificed your life to redeem the world and cut the bonds of the Kali Yuga.

Vanchana-kama-kanchana, ati-nindita, indriya-rag,
Tyagishvara he nara-vara, (repeat) deho pade anurag.

You have conquered lust and greed and have spurned the enticements of sense pleasure. O Lord of renouncers! O best among men! Grant us love for your blessed feet.

Nirbhaya gata-samshaya, dridha-nishchaya, manasa-van,
Nishkarana-bhakata-sharana, (repeat) tyaji-jati-kula-man.

You are beyond fear and free from doubt. Your mind is unwavering in resolve. You have renounced all pride of birth and caste and, without any motive, are a refuge for all your devotees.

( Sampada tava shripada, bhava-goshpada vari-yathay,
Premarpana sama-darashana, (repeat) jaga-jana-dukha-jay.) × 2

O gift of love and embodiment of same-sightedness! Their suffering vanishes who look upon your holy feet as their greatest treasure. For them, this transitory world seems like the puddle that fills the hoof-print of the cow in the clay.

[(Namo namo prabhu vakya manatita) × 2 mano vachanai-kadhar;
Prabhu mano vachanai-kadhar,
(Jyotira-jyoti ujvala hridi kandara) × 2 tumi tamo-bhanjana-har;
Prabhu tumi tamo-bhanjana-har.] × 2

Salutations to you, O Lord, salutations to you! You are beyond mind and speech, and are also the ground of mind and speech. Light of all lights, you shine forth in the cave of the heart. Destroy the darkness of ignorance there, O Lord, destroy the darkness of ignorance.

(Dhe dhe dhe langa ranga bhanga baje anga sanga mridanga) × 2
(Gayiche chanda bhakata-brinda arati tomar ) × 2
Jaya jaya arati tomar, hara-hara arati tomar, Shiva-shiva arati tomar.

To the accompaniment of the mridanga, with its rhythmic tones, your devotees are singing this arati to you: jaya jaya, hara, hara, shiva shiva.

Khandana-bhava-bandhana, jaga-vandana vandi tomay.
Jai Sri Guru Maharaj ji ki jai!

We adore you, O breaker of the bondage of the world, worshipped by all mankind! You are stainless, yet have taken a human form. You are beyond all attributes, yet are the embodiment of all virtues.

Victory to the great guru!