Devotees of Vedanta Center of Greater Austin can hold patronship of the center by subscribing to the Patronship. Patronship holders form a core support group for the center. In addition to supporting the center by becoming Patronship holders they can also take advantage of some benefits.

To hold the patronship of the center, a devotee should fill-in a Patronship Form that can be submitted online. Approval by the President of the center is necessary prior to becoming a patronship holder. There is a subscription fee of $300/calendar year. It can be paid in full or in two installments per year. Please see our Donate page for information on how to donate.

Benefits to Patronship holders and general donors who donate greater than $500 to VCGA:

  • Discount on all sales from VCGA including Book, CD/DVD etc,

  • Discount on registration fee for special events organized by VCGA

  • Seating preference at special events outside of VCGA but organized by VCGA.

  • Borrowing Books from Library for reading at home.